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Charles part vivre à Las Vegas avec ses parents. When Danny first met Steve, it seemed that Danny hated Steve more than Hawaii itself. Melissa Armstrong (Ex) Gabrielle Asano (Ex) L’intrigue avec Gabriel ne sera pas le seul centre d’intérêt de la saison 6 de Hawaii 5-0. Le 9 juillet 2014, Scott devient père d'une fille nommée Josie James Caan. The son of Clara Williams and Eddie Williams, Danny grew up in New Jersey with his family consisting of his parents, his older sister Stella, his younger brother Matt and his younger sister Bridget.After highschool Danny went to college and minored in business.Danny later presumably joined the Newark Police Department and as a beat cop, met his future wife, Rachel Edwards who rear-ended his car to get his attention.The two … Despite that, Danny in the alternate reality is much more aggressive, almost ruthless when it comes to interrogating suspects, similar to Steve in the main timeline. 3 Avr 2020 à 18:00. Si non, combien de frères et/ou sœurs a-t-il ? Portrayed by Eric Russo est le neveu de Daniel Williams qui est venu lui rendre visite à Hawaii et découvrir une passion pour la police scientifique. Please try again later. Alors Steve l'amène au distributeur pour lui acheter quelque chose à grignoter. Timothée de Fombelle, Victoria rêve Je ne sais pas dessiner, les artworks que vous verrez ici ne sont pas les miens. Puis, il joue dans le bureau de son père avec Steve, quand soudain il dit à son père qu'il a faim. Steve McGarrett later traces the location of Danny after Daiyu Mei contacts Steve saying she will trade the cipher in exchange for the location of Danny's life. 1976 Il est né et a vécu toute son enfance sur l'île, mais son père l'a envoyé sur le continent peu après la mort de sa mère alors qu'il n'avait que 16 ans. C'est Daniel Williams qui va venir en aide à son ex-femme et va rester auprès d'elle pour l'accouchement. Mais une enquête plus approfondie révèle que la victime n'était pas la cible du meurtrier, qui s'est trompé en le voyant devant la porte d'une chambre de l'hôtel. Title Charles est né en 2012 alors que Stanley est en Chine. Although Danny denies it, Steve observes that Danny likes Hawaii. Danny later presumably joined the Newark Police Department and as a beat cop, met his future wife, Rachel Edwards who rear-ended his car to get his attention. 0 commentaire. Danny is fluent in Spanish and knows some Russian phrases. Like the rest of Five-0, Danny is shown to have complete loyalty to Steve. (Hawaii 5-0) L'Echappée Belle d' Ygraïn" Elle voulait une vie d'aventures, une vie folle, une vie plus grande qu'elle.Et l'on disait tout autour d'elle : [Ygraïn] rêve". Their partnership began on rough grounds as Danny was the Detective assigned to investigate the death of Steve's father, John. First appearance In the rare event that Steve is absent or even away on duties for the Navy, Danny will become the acting leader of the team which is notably seen in the Season 2 episode, "Ha'alele" and also the two crossover episodes with NCIS: Los Angeles, "Pa Make Loa" and "Touch of Death". In the Season 5 premiere episode, A'ohe kahi e pe'e ai (episode), Danny met Marco Reyes who informed Danny that Matt Williams, Danny's brother had been captured. Elle est la petite-amie de Danny depuis. Rachel et Grace ne sont pas compatibles mais le père si et c'est Danny. He also spends most of the time trying to impress her or worrying about her safety. This is shown when Danny interrogates the AU Victor Hesse by shooting him in the kneecap while using a pillow to muffle the gunshot. À la fin de la saison 5, Danny découvrait qu’il était le père de Charlie, le fils de son ex-femme Rachel, et que ce … En 2015, Rachel revient sur Hawaii pour annoncer à Danny que son fils est atteint d'une maladie rare appelée HLH = lymphohistiocytose hémophagocytaire. Affiliates Despite not harboring the same training or ability for sharpshooting that Steve and Kono possess, Danny is well-trained in firearms and capable of either shooting to kill or shooting to incapacitate. Après ce rapide passage, la comédienne a joué dans les huit saisons de l'une des premières séries évènements de la plateforme Netflix: Orange is the new Black. Despite Danny's misgivings, Steve appointed Danny as the second-in-command of the team and also made Danny his partner in the field. This brought him into contact and conflict with John's son, Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett who sought to personally investigate the crime himself and as such, this led to bad blood between the two and Steve used his influence to become the leader of the unnamed Task Force. Alors que le 5-0 enquête sur un meurtre, Rachel revient à Hawaii car Charles, son fils de trois ans, souffre d'une maladie rare dont seul Danny peut le sauver. As such, with Danny in hospital, the team turned their attention to finding out who had poisoned the victim and Danny. Danny, on the other hand upon being let go punched Steve and remarked, "You're right. Steve McGarrett saves Danny's life by taking him to the hospital. Danny in the Season 3 finale episode, "Aloha, Malama Pono"- (Farewell and Take Care). 3. Status Un don de moelle osseuse pour être sa seule chance de survie. After he gives Marco Reyes the money he finds out his brother is already dead. Grace Williams (Daughter) Charles Williams (Son) I don't like you" before leaving while Steve was left reeling and obviously stunned that he had underestimated Danny. In the Season 2 episode, Mai Ka Wa Kahiko (episode), Danny's dark side emerged with a vengeance where after shooting his ex-wife's husband in the shoulder, Danny shot his ex-partner in the right kneecap, much to the horror of Steve, Kono and Chin and very calmly yet coldly threatened to kill Peterson by shooting him in the head if he did not tell Danny where Grace was. This incapacitated him for a time and he suffered convulsions, forcing him to be taken to hospital for treatment. Hawaii 5-0 : Danny Williams . On en saura plus sur la relation entre Danny et son fils Charlie. In No Ke Ali'i' Wahine A Me Ka Aina, Danny and Steve, along with an MI-6 officer, Harry Langford, are awarded the George Cross by Queen Elizabeth II for stopping a terrorist attack against Europe. En 2015, Rachel revient sur Hawaii pour annoncer à Danny que son fils est atteint d'une maladie rare appelée HLH = lymphohistiocytose hémophagocytaire. https://hawaii-50.fandom.com/fr/wiki/Charles_Edwards?oldid=5029. Trois sœurs Deux frères Un frère et deux sœurs. In the episode, E Malama (episode), Danny threatened to kill a business man if he ever endangered Grace again after she and Rachel were victims of a carjacking. Danny broke his arm when he fell off a ladder. In the Season 3 finale episode, Aloha, Malama Pono (episode), Danny reignited his relationship with Gabby. Hawaii 5-0 Saison 10 : L’équipe de Steve McGarrett fait ses adieux définitifs, ce soir sur CBS . 2. Hawaii Five-0 Task Force Honolulu Police Department Newark Police Department However, Steve does show care for Danny to the extent that Steve allows Danny to stay in his house for a while and even gave Danny a key to his house. Sauf mention contraire, le contenu de la communauté est disponible sous licence. At the end of Loa Aloha (episode) when he confronts his brother about his crimes, Danny chose to say goodbye rather than shoot him. Unfortunately, things eventually came to a head in the aftermath of a shooting where Danny threatened Steve, Steve responded by placing Danny in an armlock before forcing Danny to apologize. He's also the most outspoken of the team and quite possibly the whole H50 Force and HPD, regardless of where he is and who's around to hear him. GALLERY. Par Fabien. Since Heihei (episode), Danny's relationship with Rachel is less strained than it was in the beginning of the series, especially in Loa Aloha (episode). Danny in the Season 3 episode, "Huaka'I Kula"- (Field Trip). Bonjour à tous. Danny meets Steve's mother in the first episode and even informs Steve of Wo Fat breaking out of prison as well as the fact that Dr. Malia Waincroft, Chin's wife has died. In Kanaka Hahai, Danny's car is stolen while he is hanging out with Charlie and Grace. During the interrogation of one suspect, Danny knocked the suspect off his chair, forcing Steve to physically restrain him while during the interrogating of a man and his wife who the team believed were the kidnappers responsible, Danny later hit the man once, prompting Steve to ask for Danny's two badges albeit temporarily. On en saura plus sur la relation entre Danny et son fils Charlie. At the end of The 5th season, it was revealed that Charlie is actually Danny's son, and that he's sick. Bon voici enfin avec beaucoup de retard mon Os spécial Noël. This point is further proven by the way that he does not care at all what the locals think about him wearing a tie. Découvrez sa biographie, le détail de ses 23 ans de carrière et toute son actualité Matt Williams † (Brother) Bridget Williams (Sister) Stella Williams (Sister) Eric Russo (Nephew) Sophie Williams (Niece) Vito (Uncle) Pilot In the finale, Danny began fighting Rachel for custody of Grace when it was revealed that she and Stan were planning to move to Las Vegas. Télévision Hawaii 5-0 . He has panic attacks when confined to a small space. The most obvious is anger, as he possesses a very hot-headed nature with a vicious temper to match. While there, Danny butted heads with NCIS/LAPD Liaison Officer Detective Marty Deeks who jokingly regarded as Danny's hair as being "bulletproof" while the two exchanged constant insults about one another. Souvenez-vous, plutôt présente dans la toute première saison du show, Taryn Manning incarnait Mary Ann McGarrett. Rachel Edwards (Ex-Wife) in the Season 2 finale episode, "Ua Hala"- (Death in the Family). Emportez vos fandoms favoris partout avec vous. Hawaii 5-0 : Danny gravement blessé Publié le 08/10/2019 à 19:44 SÉRIE – Jeudi 10 octobre à 19 h 25 , TNTV vous emmène à Hawaii pour suivre deux nouvelles enquêtes de l’équipe du 5-0 ! The two got married and had a daughter, Grace Williams. Danny is a man in his early or mid-thirties with short blonde hair with brown highlights and blue eyes. Le bébé pèse à la naissance 3,560kg. This feature is not available right now. When Steve headed to Japan to find Joe White and seek answers in regards to "Shelburne", Danny took temporary control of the team as they investigated a serial killing case and later a possible smallpox outbreak which despite the two team's best efforts ended with the group realizing that a suspect has fled to the mainland. Un don de moelle osseuse pour être sa seule chance de survie. Daniel D. Williams Dans la soirée, Charlie est avec son père à la soirée que Steve à organiser en l'honneur de Jerry. Children New Jersey In Ka No'eau (episode), Danny confronts Marco Reyes he pays him for his brother to be released. Rachel va accoucher par césarienne suite à une complication. He is also shown to comfort the victim/victim's family when they are in distress, presumably because Danny is a father. Alive Danny and Steve have the same blood type, and now share a liver. Danny is shown to dislike Stan Edwards, Rachel's husband. However, halfway through Season One, Danny is seen trying to surf. It is hinted that Rachel couldn't handle the life of being a cop's wife. Danny Williams However, the team later grew to accept and value Danny's skills as seen during Malama Ka Aina (episode) where Danny gave them information about a crime boss he had presumably encountered or heard of during his days as a cop in New Jersey. Danny fights him off and Melissa runs her ex over with Danny's car on the way to take Danny to the hospital. On en saura plus sur la relation entre Danny et son fils Charlie. Danny does not like the water either; it is hinted that Danny does not like the water because he cannot swim. Even though Danny tries to hide it, they have become friends, and deeply care about one another, and completely trust each other. Likewise, Danny mockingly calls Steve "Steven." In the Season finale O Ke Ali'I Wale No Ka'u Makemake, Steve and Danny are working undercover on a plane full of drugs when their plane comes under attack and Steve almost dies after being shot. Le comédien américain Scott Caan, l'une des stars de la série Hawaii 5-0, fête ce 23 août 2019 son anniversaire.Le comédien soufflera aujourd'hui 43 bougies. Scott Caan Honolulu, Hawaii Steve McGarrett As his partner and, as Danny calls him, an animal and Neanderthal, Steve is the person most often on the receiving end of one of Danny's long-winded explanations of what is wrong with the current situation, as Danny expresses a deep dislike for Steve's methods, such as going into a house without back-up, and isn't afraid to tell him so as loudly as he pleases. As he is the father of a teenage girl, Danny is usually sympathetic towards other children and is skilled when it comes to dealing with kids in general. Il revient à Hawaï pour l'enterrement de son père, assassiné par Victor Hesse. This had Danny and Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly traveling to Los Angeles, California along with Special Agent G. Callen and Special Agent Sam Hanna to help stop the spread of smallpox which occurred in the last few seconds of the Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 /NCIS: Los Angeles Season 3 crossover episode, Pa Make Loa and concluded in the second and final part of the Hawaii Five-0/NCIS: Los Angeles episode, "Touch of Death". Despite his abrasive personality, both Steve and Meka cite Danny as a great cop with good instincts. créé par mae5-0 le 27 Oct. 2016, validé par fan-de-Luna. The Trail Leads To A Diving Place; Do Not Follow After, Fire Will Never Say that It Has Had Enough, Unfolded by the Water are the Faces of the Flowers, Only the Stars of Heaven Know Where Pae Is, The Fire Blazed Up, Then Only Ashes Were Left, No One Has Ever Died For the Mistakes He Has Made; Only Because He Didn't Repent, Though the Fish is Well Salted, the Maggots Crawl, When the Sea Draws Out the Tidal Wave, the Rocks Where the Cowries Hide Are Exposed, On the Slope of the Cliff, Not One Jutting Rock is Hidden from Sight, Is Borne on the Back; Is Borne in the Arms, Gone on the Road from which There Is No Returning, A Bruise Inflicted on an Innocent Person Vanishes Quickly, When Covetousness is Conceived, Sin is Born, He Who Eats 'Ape is Bound to Have His Mouth Itch, The Skin Has Been Hurt by the Point of the Spear, Knocked Flat by the Wind; Sudden Disaster, Tiny is the Flower, Yet it Scents the Grasses Around It, Don't Blame Ghosts and Spirits for One's Troubles; a Human is Responsible, All Knowledge is Not Learned in Just One School, https://hawaiifiveo.fandom.com/wiki/Danny_Williams?oldid=41310, No Matter How Much One Covers a Steaming Imu, The Smoke Will Rise, The Tough Branch That Does Not Break in the Kona Gale, When the Light Goes Out, the House Is Dark, The Teacher, the Pupil - Let it Come Forth, That Way and This Way Shifts the Sand of Punahoa. Detective Sergeant Daniel D. "Danny" Williams is a police Detective who originally worked in New Jersey but moved to Hawaii to remain close to his daughter, Grace Williams. Steve, Danny, Chin et Kono enquêtent sur le rapt d'un expert en cyberterrorisme, enlevé en pleine rue par un gang. Always wore ties until "Ua Hiki Mai Kapalena Pau" and after Steve went to jail, began wearing button up shirts more often. In Ina Paha (episode), in an alternate reality that Steve hallucinates, the Danny Williams of that reality who saved the alternate John McGarrett from being killed by that reality's Victor Hesse is more laid-back and carefree, compared to the normal Danny. Aussi actrice pour le septième art, elle a donné la réplique à James … In "Aloha Goodbye" Danny gets kidnapped led by Daiyu Mei. There Was a Lull, and then The Wind Began to Blow About, Like a Whirlwind, Whirling the Dust Upward, He Cannot be Caught for He is an Ulua Fish of the Deep Ocean, Danny originally drove a 2010 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 before switching to a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro RS; since then, the latter model has become his. Height La mère de Danny obtient de Grover une journée dans les rangs des forces de l'ordre. He later became a member of the Hawaii Five-0 Task Force and the partner of Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett. A la suite d'un rêve où il s'est vu mort, Loren décide de profiter au maximum du temps qu'il lui reste à vivre. L'équipe 5-0 enquête et se tourne rapidement vers l'ex-mari de la petite amie de la victime. La gouverneure d'Hawaï, Pat Jameson, lui propose de créer une task force qui lui permettr… Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When Reyes' men kick Steve and Danny out, Danny and Steve shoot them and kill Marco Reyes and his guys. Wife Danny aura du mal à encaisser la nouvelle mais accepte le don. Oui Non. In Ua Hiki Mai Kapalena Pau (episode), Danny fell ill after touching the body of a man to check for a pulse. Steve is Danny's partner in the field and also the one who is more than likely to give a headache given Steve's preferred method of doing things by himself. Born Following an appearance in family court, Danny gains custody of Grace. Découvrez les 25 épisodes de la saison 5 de la série Hawaii Five-0 (2010) Rachel et Grace ne sont pas compatibles mais le père si et c'est Danny. Danny later gave them to Steve and proceeded to beat the man while Steve calmly walked out of the house as the punching was heard. Current location Wiki Hawaii 5-0 est une communauté de FANDOM appartenant à la catégorie Télévision. Danny eventually made a full recovery and it was later revealed that he was having an affair with Rachel, his ex although they later broke it off for good with Rachel returning to her husband, Stan Edwards. Biographical information Danny actually did dive into the ocean once during a case which left Steve greatly impressed and when Steve remarked "Book 'em, Danno", Danny replied, "Book me a towel". Danny in the NCIS: Los Angeles/Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 crossover episode, "Touch of Death". Daniel Dae Kim Hangeul 김대현 Hanja 金大賢 Romanisation révisée Gim Dae-hyeon McCune-Reischauer Kim Taehyŏn modifier Daniel Dae Kim , né le 4 août 1968 à Busan en Corée du Sud , est un acteur et producteur américain d’origine sud-coréenne . Clara Williams (Mother) Eddie Williams (Father) In O ka Pili'Ohana ka 'Oi (episode), Danny helped Grover. À partir de 2010, il est Danny Williams, l'un des personnages principaux de Hawaï 5-0, remake de Hawaï police d'État. Après avoir retrouvé la mère de Steve, c’est celle de Danny qu’on découvrira dans la saison 4 de Hawaii 5-0. Amber Vitale, de son vrai nom Melissa Armstrong, est arrivée de New York pour démarrer une nouvelle vie. Danny is forced to land the plane on the beach so that Steve does not die. Unfortunately, for unknown reasons, the marriage failed with the two later divorcing. Il est le petit frère de Grace Williams. In Nanahu (episode), Danny goes on a weekend stay with Melissa Armstrong (Amber) he gets attacked by her abusive ex when he shows up and stabs Danny. This suggests that Danny is willing to do anything to guard Grace, maybe even resort to killing or threatening someone to ensure her safety. Danny also didn't like it when Steve kept calling him "Danno." After some rough beginnings which ended with Danny punching Steve and telling Steve that he didn't like him, the two later got past their differences and began working alongside each other although Steve's actions at times such as going into the field without back-up manage to annoy Danny to no end. Danny is a match for Steve so he undergoes surgery to give Steve part of his liver. Danny est-il fils unique ? Après l'assassinat d'un chasseur de prime, le 5-0 pourchasse le fuyard : un ancien flic impliqué dans les meurtres de trois jeunes femmes. Danny also expresses concern about Steve's behavior, as he believes that Steve needs professional help for his inhumane behavior and attitude. In the NCIS: Los Angeles episode, Touch of Death (episode), Danny and Chin arrived in Los Angeles and headed to the NCIS: Office of Special Projects to assist Callen, Sam and the OSP team on stopping a smallpox outbreak from happening. Parents Dans la saison 6, il remplace Charlie Fong. Elle rencontre Daniel Williams dans une station essence sur le North Shore. Real name Hawaii 5-0 sur SALTO : regardez le replay, les épisodes en intégralité, des vidéos et les meilleurs extraits. Hawaii 5-0 saison 2 episode 8. Comment sa fille s'appelle-t-elle ? Originally from Niveau facile (92% de réussite) 11 questions - 85 joueurs Quizz sur la famille de Danny : 1. Danny was shown to be fiercely protective of his family as seen in the episode, E Malama (episode) where he threatened to kill a businessman who had unknowingly endangered the lives of Danny's ex-wife, Rachel and daughter, Grace and in a deleted scene from that same episode, Danny was seen telling Stan that if he ever put her (Grace) in danger again, then Stan would find that the scariest criminal in the world is a cop who didn't care anymore, hinting that if Grace was ever hurt again or presumably even killed, then Danny would go off the rails altogether. Danny manages to break free but gets shot after an unsuccessful escape. Although Danny moved to Hawaii, he only did so to stay close to his daughter, Grace, whom he loves dearly. Regardez immédiatement en replay Hawaii Five-0, diffusée le 05-01-21 01:01. Charles Edwards est le fils de Rachel Edwards et de Daniel Williams mais aux yeux de l'état civil son père est Stanley Edwards. Although he tries to avoid it, Danny has shown that he is capable of defending himself if he gets into trouble whenever he's out in the field. Danny being brought into the OR of Honolulu Medical Center after becoming infected with sarin. He has also adjusted to living in Hawaii and even speaks the Hawaiian language. In I Ka Wa Mamua (episode), it's revealed that his daughter is named after his his former partner who died after being beaten by two thugs who Danny later shot dead before escaping. 5'5 In the Pilot (episode), Danny had been living in Hawaii as a cop for six months when he was assigned the murder investigation of John McGarrett. In addition, he is still married to Rachel Edwards and is even seen wearing a wedding ring with the two's relationship being as strong as ever. Much to Steve's confusion, Danny despises Hawaii, calling it a "pineapple-infested hell hole." Scott Caan, alias Danny Williams dans la série Hawaii 5-0, fête ses 42 ans ce 23 août 2018. Cette année c\u0019est l'event sur le forum Discord qui m\u0019a inspiré avec plusieurs situa As the second-in-command of the Hawaii Five-0 Police Force and also the longest-serving Detective, Danny is exceptionally skilled. In Lana I Ka Moana (episode), Danny tells Steve that he actually used to love the ocean, but started hating it when his best friend Billy died on the ocean while swimming towards Danny to help him. When they land the plane and Steve goes to the hospital, it is discovered that he needs a liver transplant. Par ailleurs, alors que sa cousine Kono est sur le point d'épouser Adam, Chin Ho le soupçonne toujours d'être proche des Yakusa, et Danny … After highschool Danny went to college and minored in business. The son of Clara Williams and Eddie Williams, Danny grew up in New Jersey with his family consisting of his parents, his older sister Stella, his younger brother Matt and his younger sister Bridget. Scott Caan est un Acteur, Scénariste, Réalisateur américain. Detective Sergeant Chaque personne qui verront le bébé avec Danny lui diront qu'il lui ressemble ce que Danny refuse. Agent Jenna Kaye later realized that Danny had been infected with sarin. L’intrigue avec Gabriel ne sera pas le seul centre d’intérêt de la saison 6 de Hawaii 5-0. Rachel le lui avait caché car elle ne voulait pas que ses deux enfants grandissent sans père s'il devait lui arriver quelque chose. Lors du Chaplin Award de mai 2014, son père, James Caan a annoncé que Scott et sa compagne Kacy attendaient leur premier enfant. L'équipe du 5-0 enquête sur un triple homicide commis en pleine mer. Family Despite his often off-putting, and at times offensive, attitude, Danny is also one of the most openly affectionate characters and fiercely loyal to his friends and family. When Rachel remarried businessman Stan Edwards and moved to Hawaii with Grace, Danny was left with no choice but to follow them to Hawaii for fear of losing visitation rights to Grace and upon arriving on Hawaii, Danny subsequently joined the Honolulu Police Department, partnering with Detective Meka Hanamoa. Danny in the Season 2/NCIS: Los Angeles Season 3 crossover episode, "Pa Make Loa". L’intrigue avec Gabriel ne sera pas le seul centre d’intérêt de la saison 6 de Hawaii 5-0. Rachel lui annonce aussi une autre nouvelle qui risque de condamner Charles si Danny ne réagit pas rapidement. Of the four main members of the task force, Danny is the most vocal. Danny Williams et son fils Charlie. Interests Where Were You When the Rain was Pouring? Le Lieutenant commander Steven « Steve » McGarrett, est un membre de l'U.S Navy, ex-Navy SEAL pratiquant les arts martiaux, et ancien membre des services de renseignement de la marine américaine. Danny appears to have claustrophobia. Cette affaire va déterrer une ancienne affaire de meurtre sur une jeune étudiante, décédée en 2008. Network Tweet Partage. Mais le Hawaii 5-0 tente toutefois de déterminer si la victime, qui dirige une entreprise de sécurité informatique, n'était pas la cible de cette attaque. Danny's darker side again emerged in the Season 3 episode, Ho'opio (episode) where he beat up two suspects during the investigation concerning the murder of a young girl and the subsequent disappearance of another, presumably due to the fact that the girls bore a striking resemblance to Grace. Danny also developed a fear towards towards the NCIS: Office of Special Projects Manager Henrietta Lange but he ultimately formed friendships with the whole OSP team and once the smallpox case was solved, he and Chin returned to Hawaii. En effet, Melanie Griffith est en négociations pour le rôle de la mère de Danny. Character information Physical description Unlike Steve, who is typically calm and in control, Danny is nearly always displaying one emotion or another. Hawaii Five-O Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Fans of the show have often compared Steve and Danny's friendship as a bromance between the two with the term McDanno being coined to suggest a possible romantic relationship. Elle y interprétait Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Doggett et nous a offert des scènes mémorables dans la série se déroulant au cœur d'une prison pour femmes aux Etats-Unis. Danny fait visiter le QG du 5-0 à son fils.

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